Mulch Delivery Etiquette

Posted on: 14 January 2022

Mulch is essential for the healthy development of plants since it traps moisture in the soil. Service providers stock various mulch materials, and the customer's best option depends on multiple factors. Besides, you need to think about the different mulch delivery options that are available. Unfortunately, many property owners are unaware that mulch delivery is guided by etiquette. This article highlights standard mulch delivery protocols that homeowners should observe.

Delivery Spot Preparation -- When mulch delivery services show up at your property, they expect to find a delivery spot ready. Unfortunately, some property owners wait until the mulch has arrived before preparing a site. Failure to make the necessary arrangements early can affect a delivery crew's schedule. Notably, mulch delivery services serve various clients; therefore, delays affect timely deliveries to other destinations. You can avoid inconveniencing a service provider by preparing a delivery spot at least a day or two before the mulch is supplied. Besides, early preparation of a delivery spot enables you to start landscaping work as soon as possible.

Tip the Delivery Crew If Necessary -- Delivering mulch is physically demanding, especially for truck-load deliveries. However, the task becomes more challenging in hard-to-reach areas. Notably, mulch delivery firms will do everything possible to provide excellent customer service. Therefore, it is a good gesture to reward such professionalism. For instance, you might want mulch delivered to your backyard, so the delivery crew might have to squeeze their truck through a narrow path. Thus, the condition of your property might make mulch delivery difficult and demand more effort from a service provider. As a result, you should tip the delivery crew to appreciate their work in such situations. However, you do not have to tip if mulch delivery is pretty straightforward.

Making Delivery Arrangements -- The last thing mulch delivery services want is to arrive at a client's residence and miss them. This usually happens when a property owner does not communicate their current commitments. If the delivery crew is already on its way and you have to leave the house, make the necessary arrangements. For instance, you can call the delivery crew and ask them to get the front gate keys from the neighbour. After mulch delivery, a service provider can return the keys to the neighbour and be on their way. Whatever the arrangements, make sure that mulch delivery services are in the know before arriving at your property. This ensures a smooth exercise and saves time for all parties.

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