• How to Keep the Wasps Away From Your Skip

    Wasps can be annoying, and if they sting you, they can also be painful. Unfortunately, wasps like many other insects are often drawn to the sickly sweet smell of rubbish. If you want to keep them away from your skip, there are a few things you can do. Check out these ideas. 1. Remove Visible Nests To get rid of wasps, you first have to wreck their homes. If there are any visible wasps nests on your skip, approach them at night—the wasps are less active at night, so you can approach them more easily.
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  • Lawnmower Covers: Do You Even Need One?

    Lawnmowers make work easy when you're gardening. If you opted for a sickle or other hand-held mechanism when cutting the grass in your garden, then you would obviously hate any day that your grass grows taller. Thankfully, lawnmowers can help you easily trim grass in your garden. The quality of the job is also unmatched compared to what you would have achieved with a hand-held slasher or sickle. When you buy a lawn mower, remember that it needs lots of care, just like the other machines in your home.
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