Lawnmower Covers: Do You Even Need One?

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Lawnmowers make work easy when you're gardening. If you opted for a sickle or other hand-held mechanism when cutting the grass in your garden, then you would obviously hate any day that your grass grows taller. Thankfully, lawnmowers can help you easily trim grass in your garden. The quality of the job is also unmatched compared to what you would have achieved with a hand-held slasher or sickle. When you buy a lawn mower, remember that it needs lots of care, just like the other machines in your home. That begins with getting it a cover. Here are some of the benefits of getting a cover for your lawnmower: 

Keeps the Mower Animal Free

Many homeless animals are eagerly waiting to make a home in your lawnmower when it is not in use. Squirrels, rats, mice, insects and even birds are some of the uninvited guests that will build a home in your lawn mower. Some of these animals are destructive and they will damage delicate components of the machine. They secrete acidic and basic chemicals, which can corrode paints, valves or even compromise the efficiency of lubricants. Additionally, arachnids and snakes with poisonous bites pose a health hazard to the person operating the lawn mower. Having a cover will keep all these animals away from the delicate and hidden components of your lawn mower.

Prevents Rotten Hoses and Valves

Some manufacturers use basic rubber to make the hoses, valves and cable insulation for the lawn mower. When such rubber is exposed to high amounts of moisture, acidic rain and high temperatures, it expands and contracts, depending on the surrounding conditions. These irregular contractions stress the rubber and cause cracks on the hoses and valves. This will necessitate expensive replacements because you cannot run the machine with leakages all over. A cover protects the machine from all these elements and improves the durability of both plastic and rubber components.    

Keeps Your Engine Clog-free

When there are strong winds, storms and rain showers, you can't keep count of the amount of debris that will find its way to your lawn mower. Leaves, soil particles, sticks and other forms of dirt can be washed down to your engine and clog the engine. You will be looking at an overhaul if your engine clogs up. A lawn mower cover is an inexpensive option that will keep your engine safe and sound no matter how much dirt comes the machine's way.