2 tips for those who want to create vertical gardens

Posted on: 13 November 2018

If you're planning to create a vertical garden, you may want to bear the advice below in mind.

1. Invest in a high-quality garden tripod ladder 

If you want to make a vertical garden, you must get a ladder. The reason for this is as follows; all of the plants that you choose to include in your new garden will need to be tended to, including the ones that will be positioned at the top of the trellis. Unless you are extremely tall, you will probably need a ladder to gain access to these particular plants.

But because buying the plants, pots, an irrigation system and trellises for your new vertical garden will probably be quite costly, you may decide to buy a cheap, standard ladder, or to simply use an old, rickety ladder you already own. However, if you want to stay safe when you look after your garden, it is worth buying a high-quality garden tripod ladder.

A garden tripod ladder has a much wider base than a standard ladder. This creates a low centre of gravity and thus makes this equipment a lot more stable. The three-legged 'tripod' design also helps to stabilise the ladder, even when it is positioned on uneven ground (such as on a patch of soft soil in your outdoor space, for example).

This, in turns, means that you will be a lot less likely to fall off the ladder whilst you're performing rapid or forceful movements (such as re-potting a plant or cutting off dead flower heads).

2. Buy a pair of long-handled pruning shears

It is also worth buying a pair of either long-handled or telescopic pruning shears (the latter features handles that can be extended or compressed). The reason for this is as follows; sometimes, you might find yourself needing to quickly prune some dead leaves or flower heads from the plants at the top of your garden's trellises, but not having the time or the energy needed to drag the above-mentioned ladder out of your garden shed and set it up next to the trellis.

On days like this, it can be very useful to have access to a pair of pruning shears that are long enough to reach the plants that are far above your head. As such, whilst it is not essential, this type of tool could prove useful for occasions when you want to do a bit of low-effort gardening.